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Tourism group, nan tai group leader line of present research guidance

Release time:2023-07-19 11:55:52 Visits:385 Issuer:NANJING DU-HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP

On July 19, 2023 nanjing tourism group Yang Yingxiong, vice President, general manager of xiao-bing zhou, nan tai group chairman FanYe etc. A line to visit Du-Hope Group research.


During the meeting, group chairman Xie Tao report to the leaders of the company management situation in the first half of 2023, and the future of the enterprise operation of the problems and difficulties in focus.


Yang Yingxiong tourism group general manager of Du-Hope group in the current complex and difficult said positive achievements in the international economic environment, and hope east pei group can continue to slowly but surely, compaction management responsibility, use your head, expand the market both at home and abroad, complete the economic indicators, with good quality to achieve company steady development.


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