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Nanjing ccpit leader line of present research guidance

Release time:2023-07-18 12:26:21 Visits:395 Issuer:NANJING DU-HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP

On the afternoon of July 18, 2023, nanjing ccpit Chen Yihua secretary with ccpit researcher, legal department, a steering group leader of thematic education activity to the east of international research to guide the work. Company general manager jin-song su, director of the office and management department manager attended the meeting.


Jin-song su general manager's visit to ccpit and did a warm welcome, ccpit in nanjing for a long time thanks to the company's concern and support. Conference, jin-song su east pei group, general manager of company business scope, in the past two years, especially in the first half of this year's performance and work report to the participants were briefly reviewed, and said nanjing east pei group will go all out to hold business base, create a new market, improve the management benefit and steady development.


Secretary Chen Yihua to Du-hope Group under the condition of the outbreak and volatile international situation can keep better performance is to be highly affirmation, and said the ccpit will, as always, for the enterprise services, especially in trade promotion, trade support, the greatest efforts to support and help enterprises to foreign legal, allows companies to focus on its main business, the high quality of continued development.


    New online conference of ccpit certificate of origin for examination and approval of on-line automatic, remote independent printing process demonstrated.

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