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Li Jiangxin, the head of Qinhuai District, and his delegation visited our company for research and guidance

Release time:2022-07-01 10:13:41 Visits:411 Issuer:NANJING DU-HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP


In the afternoon of July 1, 2022, Li Jiangxin, the head of Qinhuai District, and Jin Chao, the deputy head of Qinhuai District, together with a delegation from the District Government Office, the Finance Bureau, the Commerce Bureau, the Statistics Bureau, the Development and Reform Commission, and Chaotiangong Sub district, visited Nanjing Du-Hope International Group to conduct research and guidance. Xie Tao, General Manager of Nanjing Du-Hope International Group, Su Jinsong, Deputy General Manager, Gao Bo, Assistant General Manager, and Zhu Lin, Office Director, attended the meeting.

General Manager Xie Tao extended a warm welcome to the visit of the delegation led by the head of Lijiang New Area, and thanked the governments at all levels of Qinhuai District for their long-term concern and support for the company. At the meeting, General Manager Xie Tao briefly reported Du-Hope International Group's history, business scope and business performance in recent years to the participants, analyzed the recent and future problems of the company, and said that Nanjing Du-Hope International Group would spare no effort to expand its scale, improve its operating efficiency, and contribute to the economic development of Qinhuai District. 筆記 雙語

The mayor of Lijiang New Area highly praised Du-Hope International Group's ability to maintain good business performance in the face of the impact of the epidemic and the turbulent international situation, and stated that the government will continue to provide good services for the enterprise, especially in terms of supporting the operating environment, logistics service guarantee, and epidemic prevention and control policies, to provide maximum support and assistance to the enterprise, so that it can focus on its main business and achieve sustained high-quality development. 筆記

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